Juno Chicago – Korean Omakase

Just the night when the Cubs played for the World Series*, my girlfriend took me to Juno in Chicago, IL. (*For my non-American readers, it’s about Baseball and a team that didn’t qualify for 108 years to make it to the “national finale”)

So what’s the deal with Juno?

Zagat calls it “one of the hottest Sushi restaurants across the US”.

Eater says it’s one of Chicago’s top 10 Sushi restaurant.

Business Insider calls it “The Most Pristine Raw Seafood in Chicago”.

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Nenio Düsseldorf – a culinary journey in black

The Nenio in Düsseldorf, Germany, opened in May 2016 as sister restaurant and right next to the “U”. During my last stay in the city in October 2016, I took the chance to try out the refreshing concept created by Bastian Falkenroth.
Bastian himself is very friendly, down-to-earth guy. We entered the restaurant a little early, they open at 7 and we decided to be very German and arrive 15 minutes earlier. Granted, the restaurant isn’t easy to see from the outside, you have to look very carefully. Once we found the entrance, Bastian stood in front of us, shaking our hands and seating us. At first, I didn’t even realize it was HIS restaurant since he’s so hands on. Continue reading “Nenio Düsseldorf – a culinary journey in black”

Processes for good in-house SEO

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Over the past years, I’ve worked for numerous SEO agencies and consultancies. I was always on the consulting side of the business, helping out all types of companies: from big name startups to F500 enterprises. In 2016 I’ve changed sides to take my first role as in-house SEO @Dailymotion in Palo Alto. By being responsible for getting there now and learning from what I’ve seen at other companies, I was exposed to quite a lot successful in-house SEO models. I want to share those findings with you so that you may not have to go all the way. Continue reading “Processes for good in-house SEO”