Kevin Indig helps companies grow

Kevin is a T-shaped marketer with a strong background in SEO but broad knowledge about all topics connected to user acquisition and growth marketing. 


He runs technical SEO @ Atlassian and mentors start-ups in and outside the German Accelerator.


In the past 10 years, Kevin helped companies acquire +100M users.

How Kevin became a Growth Marketer

Born as the son of an American Doctor and a German nurse, Kevin wanted to be a doctor all of his life.


Well, not all of his life.


When turning 18, he realized that as a doctor you can help only so many people. As a “digital native”, Kevin saw what technology can do for people. So he set out into the tech world as a digital marketer.


But the story doesn’t end here: the dream of becoming a doctor and helping people instilled a set of highly valuable skills in Kevin. The most important one: reverse engineering. Doctors look at symptoms and analyze them to make a diagnose. Then they develop a plan to improve the state of the patient, not only erase the symptoms.


Kevin does the same with companies. 

Kevin Indig’s Mission

I believe that technology can substantially improve our lives and I want to do everything in my power to make the right technology visible and available to the right people.

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