This is a “now” page, of which I first learned from Derek Sivers, who I think got it from Gregory Brown.


Many people ask me what I’m working on right now and that’s what this page is for. I constantly update it.


What I’m working on (last update: 10/11/2017)

My brand. I really love writing and speaking. I write on this site, my newsletter and constantly seek guest posting opportunities.


Atlassian. I run the technical SEO department of the company that brings you Jira, Trello, Stride, Bitbucket and 10 more products. My mission there is to take care of all products and sites from a technical SEO and growth perspective.


German Accelerator. I’m a mentor for startups at the German Accelerator. In this role, I basically help startups grow, find product-market fit and the right marketing channels.


Listening: ANIMA! – Breathe

Reading: The lean startup (again)

Fitness: Preparing for a powerlifting competition (Norcal open powerlifting class) on December 16th near Sacramento.