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The end of crawling and the beginning of API indexing

Google became the most successful startup in history by crawling the web, building an index of web pages, and ranking them based on popularity. Now I see signs for a potential paradigm shift from crawling to indexing APIs. In the future, search engines might not come out to get content. Webmasters might bring it to them.

The 4 only scalable customer-acquisition channels

There are many customer acquisition channels but only 4 are truly scalable. Unscalable channels have their place in customer-acquisition but if you want to build growth loops, you need scale.

Slack and the Land and Expand Model

The last time I wrote about Land and Expand, I mentioned Slack on the sidelines in the context of homogenous vs. heterogenous networks. In homogeneous networks, users are connected to

Platform Confluence

Aggregation theory describes the shift of power from supply to demand, growth based on zero marginal cost, and direct relationships with users. Platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others were

The problem with Spam and Search

Search engines inevitably find a lot of spam as they crawl the web. According to Google’s latest spam report, we should assume that the majority of it is actually spam. On

User-sensitive PageRank and Prabhakar Raghavan

From Search Engine Land (highlight mine): Prabhakar Raghavan, who was running Ads and Commerce (since 2018), will replace Ben Gomes as the new head of Search and Assistant. Search encompasses News, Discover, Podcasts

Joe Rogan’s brand value

Last week was full of interesting news and development. But one piece came out of nowhere and caught the media landscape off guard: The Verge: Joe Rogan, comedian and host
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