Hi, I’m Kevin,  VP SEO & CONTENT @ G2 and Mentor for Growth @ German Accelerator. On this site, I write about the intersection of SEO, Growth and some other stuff. I send a weekly Email to thousands of technicals Marketers at the most successful companies.

I’m joining G2 as VP SEO and Content!

After months of talking to lots of different companies and seeing what’s out there, I finally made the choice I think is best for me. I’m pumped to announce that I joined G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) as VP of SEO and Content. I will be responsible for three...

10 lessons from working at Atlassian

After three successful years of building SEO, doubling organic traffic, and running cross-functional teams, I left Atlassian by the end of 2018.It was hard to turn my back on the $19b brand that hired so many smart colleagues and built such great products. But I took...

Internal Link Optimization with TIPR

Internal link optimization is incomplete without factoring in backlinks. In this article, I introduce a model called TIPR that helps you to optimize the internal link graph of your site.

How to build a brand

Having a strong brand is important for many success factors of a business, but how do you actually build a brand?

Forging a fine-tuned SEO machine

Building or improving an SEO team at a company is a huge challenge. When the take the perspective of creating systems, instead of just hiring people, the right things to do become more obvious. In this article, I explain how to build an SEO organization.

Google+ was born to die

It comes to no surprise that Google killed Google+. It was a failure from the start! In this post I dissect what went wrong from a Growth perspective so you can avoid these mistakes for your business.

Startup Growth is not optional

Making the case for Growth is simple: Every company needs to grow, and nowadays every company is a Tech company.   7 out of the 10 biggest public companies by market cap are tech companies and every industry is slowly “technologized” [1]. In 2018, “Software has...

How to Build a Content Marketing flywheel for SaaS startups

Growing a SaaS startup with no money and people is really hard, especially when incumbents sit nice and tight.   In 2006, Princeton graduate Aaron faced exactly that challenge and overcame it – with a smart Content Marketing strategy.   He grew his...

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