2016 New Years quick roundup1 min well spent

Happy New Years everyone!!
What a messed up and good year 2016 was.
We lost
– a little democracy in the US and GB
– People in Aleppo, Brussels, Paris, Nizza, Berlin, Istanbul
– Bowie, Prince, Rickman, Fisher, Eco, Lee, Westerwelle, Ali, Yelchin, Spencer, Wiesel, Wilder, Peres, Cohen, Michael, Gabor,
We won
– new Olympian champions
– freedom from a Cuban dictator
jobs, health and environment
Honestly, the list of sad events is much longer in 2016.
Personally, I had to take a couple of hurdles sportswise due to a rib and knee tweak that cost me almost half a year of progress. I see it as something that’s necessary along the way to becoming better.
But I also had a lot of wins like seeing my Family a little more often, seeing my friends, touring Japan with my brother and meeting a very special person. Also, I’m taking a new opportunity at Atlassian from January on.
I have a strong feeling that 2017 will be an overall much better year. We’re starting with a blank page. Happy New Year!