Who is Kevin Indig?

I help companies with strategic user-acquisition, activation, and retention. In the past 10 years, I’ve helped companies acquire +100M users.


II currently am VP SEO and Content @ G2 and mentor startups @ German Accelerator.



– Head of technical SEO @ Atlassian

– Director of SEO @ Dailymotion


It’s important to me to be known as someone who stands for ethical and sustainable Growth – no cheap or dirty hacks.

Read more about me in an Interview with Bay Area Search or listen to my podcast interview with Searchmetrics.


Quick facts

  • Born and raised in Germany, living in the Silicon Valley since 2014.
  • Started in technical SEO, then ventured into broader Technical Marketing over time.
  • Startup Mentor at German Accelerator, Impact USA (French accelerator), Plug and Play, and Founders Embassy
  • Judge of the SEMrush AU and Nordics SEO Awards

My Mission

I believe that technology can substantially improve our lives and I want to do everything in my power to make the right technology visible and available to the right people.

I assume you’re the kind of guy who likes to break records … the SEO for Startups MozPod episode just passed the highest download count we had for first-day downloads. Brian Childs, MozPod

Senior Product Manager, Moz

Kevin is one of the best SEO specialists on the planet. Guillaume Clement

CPO/CTO, Dailymotion

Kevin provides a lot of value when it comes to analyzing big data, defining long-term strategies and making a positive impact on the business. Maxime Rauer

Head of SEO, eBay (back then)

Upcoming speakings

Past speakings

How I got into technical Marketing

Born as the son of an American Doctor and a German nurse, I wanted to be a doctor all of his life.

Well, not all my life.

When turning 18, I realized that as a doctor you can help only so many people. As a “digital native”, I saw what technology can do for people. So, I set out into the tech world as a digital marketer.

The dream of becoming a doctor and helping people inspired me to acquire a set of highly valuable skills. The most important one: reverse engineering. Doctors look at symptoms, find the root cause and give a diagnose. Then they develop a plan to improve the state of the patient, not only erase the symptoms.

 I do the same with companies. To me, the idea of optimizing a system is highly intriguing (as dry as it sounds).


This is a selection of brands I have worked with. Please note that I worked with these brands at different stages in my career on specific projects. All of these projects were team efforts. I’m happy to share more information about my involvement in these projects by request.

Columbia Sportswear
Computer Bild
UBS Bank