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My mission is to accelerate technology that can solve the world’s biggest problems.

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Short Bio

Kevin Indig is a strategic Growth Advisor, creator of the Growth Memo newsletter and host of the Tech Bound podcast. He ran SEO organizations for companies like Shopify, G2 and Atlassian, consulted for big brands like Ramp, Eventbrite, or Finder and is an active angel investor.

Long Bio

Kevin Indig grew up in the oldest city of Germany, Trier, as the son of an American father and a German mother. As an avid gamer, Kevin became the guy to figure out how to build a website when DSL internet became affordable. He got soaked into the digital world that is the internet, which ultimately led him to SEO. Soon, he designed and sold websites to other gamers.

After studying business in Bad Honnef (Germany), Kevin got a job as a trainee at the enterprise consultancy TRG - The Reach Group in Hamburg where he learned SEO from the ground up and how large companies work. He got promoted to consultant 9 months into the role.

After 5 years on the agency side, he got the chance to relocate from Germany to Silicon Valley in 2014 and build the professional services team in the US for Searchmetrics. He consulted for companies like eBay, Yellow Pages, Columbia Sports,, and Pinterest.

In 2016, Kevin joined French startup Dailymotion as Director of SEO and left the company when it got acquired by Vivendi. Shortly after, Kevin joined Atlassian to grow organic traffic to Atlassian’s wide portfolio of products (Jira, Trello, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.) and worked his way up to lead the technical SEO team.

Ready to step into his next box, Kevin joined G2 as VP SEO & Content in 2019 where he led a team of 35 writers and SEOs and doubled organic traffic within 2 years.

In 2020, Kevin moved to Chicago and got the offer to run SEO as Director of SEO at Shopify, where he led a team of 25 SEOs across technical, experimentation, content, and offsite. He also started angel investing in what is now a portfolio of over 12 startups across all areas of Tech.

Since 2017, Kevin is a specialty mentor at the German Accelerator, where he helps startups expand and go to market in the US.



  • SMX Munich (2023)


  • Online Marketing Rockstars
  • SMX Munich
  • Ad World
  • Ecom World
  • TTT Live
  • SEO Campixx
  • Brighton SEO
  • Optimisey
  • Advanced Search Summit Napa (Napa, CA)
  • MnSearch Summit
  • Swivel
  • Tech SEO Boost
  • TheFamily meetup

My values

  1. Curiosity
  2. Ambition
  3. Learning
  4. Humbleness
  5. Discipline


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I'm using affiliate links on this site to donate the proceeds to charity at the end of the year.


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