Kevin Indig

I believe that technology can substantially improve our lives and I want to do everything in my power to make the right technology visible and available to the right people.

I’m Kevin, VP SEO & Content @ G2 and startup mentor @ German Accelerator.

This site is my personal platform on which I write essays to explore ideas and shape my thoughts. I have a knack for principles, strategies, and systems and write mostly about Marketing and especially SEO, the dark science. Since SEO is so fluid and a black box, take into account that I might be wrong and things change. Handle with care!

I believe that almost all good ideas are taken – but we’re not combining them as much as we should! That’s something I cover a lot in my content – combining ideas.

You will also find curations of evergreen content, guides, and swipe files throughout this site. They’re sometimes hidden in the footer and on hub pages. My hope is that you serendipitously find exciting content and you snoop around.

I publish quick thoughts on Twitter and sometimes Linkedin, but mostly in my weekly Email Tech Bound.

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