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This is a compilation of the concepts I write about on this site. I might jump around a bit topically, but all articles are connected to a few core ideas. They will expand and evolve over time.

Platform Confluence

The idea behind Platform Confluence is the merger of ecosystems into one big platform that allows big tech companies to track and monetize its users more efficiently.

Land & Expand

Land & Expand describes the product-driven growth loop used by companies like Atlassian, Slack, Dropbox, Figma, and many others. It’s based on core principles like low friction, collaboration, and bottoms-up expansion. Note that I did not come up with the concept but learned a lot about it during my tenure at Atlassian.

Google’s transformation

Google’s transformation from a search to an answer machine is a topic I spend a lot of time thinking, researching, speaking, and writing about. It’s one of the biggest marketing landscape transformations of the latest decade – happening right before our eyes – with severe consequences for all kinds of businesses.

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TIPR – True Internal PageRank

I developed the TIPR model at Atlassian and first presented it at TechSEO Boost in Boston 2018. The concept is based on the dynamics between PageRank, CheiRank, and using server log files to monitor progress. I successfully used it to grow organic traffic at Atlassian.

Product-Market Fit

Product-Market/Fit is a widely used concept in the world of growth. I definitely didn’t come up with this one but was lucky to work for companies that had strong PMF and some that had none, shaping my awareness for what it looks like and how it feels.


Every year around NYE, I write my predictions for what happens in marketing/growth/tech the following year. I don’t do that out of ignorance; I don’t think I know what will happen. Instead, I do it to strengthen my future-thinking muscle and critically question my sense of what’s going on.

Audio search engine

Podcasts and audio content is one of the most undermonetized spaces in marketing. In my mind, the first company to figure out how to build a search engine for podcasts will occupy significant market share similar to how Google and Facebook duopolized online advertising.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is my cradle, the discipline that helped me “come up”. I will always dabble in it and write about it. For those new to it, technical SEO lives at the intersection of web development and search engine optimization.

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