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12 reasons your SEO traffic is plateauing and how to fix it

The “point of diminishing returns” is often used in economics to describe a point at which the rate of returns declines, even though input stays the same. In other words, you get less bang for your buck. This phenomena can also be observed in SEO. I’ve seen it over and…

I’m joining G2 as VP SEO and Content!

After months of talking to lots of different companies and seeing what’s out there, I finally made the choice I think is best for me. I’m pumped to announce that I joined G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) as VP of SEO and Content. I will be responsible for three teams: SEO,…

10 lessons from working at Atlassian

After three successful years of building SEO, doubling organic traffic, and running cross-functional teams, I left Atlassian by the end of 2018. It was hard to turn my back on the $19b brand that hired so many smart colleagues and built such great products. But I took a lot away…

Internal Link Optimization with TIPR

Internal link optimization is incomplete without factoring in backlinks. In this article, I introduce a model called TIPR that helps you to optimize the internal link graph of your site.

How to build a brand

Having a strong brand is important for many success factors of a business, but how do you actually build a brand?