A template for Fragmented User Intent1 min well spent

Many readers asked me to create a template for Fragmented User Intent tracking to build their own models. So, I sat my butt down and created one for you! Well, better said, it’s only for Tech Bound members.

Google Sheets template

Please make sure to make a copy of the Google Sheets template.

When you open the template, it’s normal to see a lot of #DIV/0! notifications in the cells. This is because there’s no data in them, yet.

Use your rank tracker of choice to download relevant keywords and their SERP Features. Then, throw all the data out except for the keyword, ranking position, search volume, URL, and SERP features, i.e. the columns I have in the template and fill it in the spreadsheet.

From there, it’s a piece of cake. Post your questions in the comments!

Walk-through video