How to do SEO in 2016

The main problem I want to write about here is that SEO has become so complex and individualized that many say “nothing works anymore” or “SEO is dead”. I really don’t want to join the “SEO is dead” conversation here, but rather show an approach to SEO in 2016. Maybe it inspires you to think about your current approach.  

Processes for good in-house SEO

Over the past years, I’ve worked for numerous SEO agencies and consultancies. I was always on the consulting side of the business, helping out all types of companies: from big name startups to F500 enterprises. In 2016 I’ve changed sides to take my first role as in-house SEO @Dailymotion in Palo Alto. By being responsible for getting there now and learning from what I’ve seen at other companies, I was exposed to quite a lot successful in-house SEO models. I want to share those findings with you so that you may not have to go all the way.