What is SEO (in 2020)?

SEO in 2020 is not the same as SEO in 2010. In this update, I explain what changed, how to thrive in SEO in 2020, and what parts remained constant.

Interview with Bhanu from RankMath

In this interview, I speak with Bhanu from RankMath about the success of the plugin, what it’s like to build an SEO plugin for WordPress, and the future of SEO on WordPress.

Making SEO more inclusive w/ Areej AbuAli

In this Tech Bound podcast, I speak with Areej AbuAli about inequality and inclusiveness. Areej is the founder of “Women in Tech SEO” and technical SEO at Zoopla.

How to master the art of inhouse SEO

Over my 10 year career, I was lucky to observe the skills and strategies that distinguish successful in-house SEOs from the unsuccessful ones. You read that right, in-house SEO is a skill. Those who master it drive rapid growth. Those who don’t are left behind.

Lessons from the best Solution pages in SaaS

Product solution pages are the unsung heroes of SaaS SEO. They are easy to forget but, as I will show you in a moment, they can drive substantial traffic. I dug out some of the best examples and will explain what they do extraordinarily well so you can learn from it.

The stagnation of Consumer Platforms

The growth and diversity of the consumer landscape has been stunted by the chokehold of a few nation-state tech players. As a result, the B2B space is booming but user acquisition comes at a price.