Growth Basics

What is “Growth”?

Growth Marketing is a data-driven discipline that seeks compound growth across marketing and product. In Growth, we’re constantly seeking positive feedback loops that compound growth. Another tool is to increase the “cost of change” for the user to switch to another solution, for example by increasing “lock-in” by building an ecosystem (example: Apple) or raising the investment people made (example: Facebook friends).

Articles on Growth

How to build a brand

Having a strong brand is important for many success factors of a business, but how do you actually build a brand?

Startup Growth is not optional

Making the case for Growth is simple: Every company needs to grow, and nowadays every company is a Tech company.   7 out of the 10 biggest public companies by market cap are tech companies and every industry is slowly “technologized” [1]. In 2018, “Software has...

Building a triple-looped Growth model for newspapers

When I was a kid, my father would read the newspaper at breakfast. It was not just a habit, it was a ritual. Coffee and paper.   When I turned 18, my father still read the paper at breakfast, but I would get the news from Google. I wouldn’t only get news...

How to build a product around trust like DocuSign

Some products are highly trust-sensitive and therefore a bit trickier to grow. In this article, I want to show you how to do that based on DocuSign, a digital signature SaaS company that went public in April 2018 at a $6b valuation.

Why product market-fit is so important for Growth Marketing

One year after launching, UBER’s growth was so strong that it got one new rider for every 7 rides – without spending a single dollar on marketing. [5]   Instagram had 25,000 signups on its first day. [6]   Within one day Dropbox went from 5,000 to...

3 ways to regain focus in Growth Marketing

It’s easy to get lost in Growth Marketing. There are three steps to bring you back on track: Getting back to the Growth Model, looking at the funnel and talking to your customers.