Growth Basics

What is “Growth”?

Growth Marketing is a data-driven discipline that seeks compound growth across marketing and product. In Growth, we’re constantly seeking positive feedback loops that compound growth. Another tool is to increase the “cost of change” for the user to switch to another solution, for example by increasing “lock-in” by building an ecosystem (example: Apple) or raising the investment people made (example: Facebook friends).

Articles on Growth

How SEO feeds product-market fit

Achieving Product-market Fit is the single most important goal of every startup. Everything else doesn’t matter until it’s reached. Companies who miss it don’t scale. Growth hacking tactics don’t grip. The world ends without PMF! Ok, maybe that’s a small...

The power of “story”

Even though I’m a technical marketer, I recently said “we have to think about what story we want to tell, first!” to the CEO and board members of a chain with more than 230 restaurants and 10,000 employees. I live and breathe numbers but instead of blasting statistics...

Why can you not miss out on SEO as a Growth Hacker

Technically, SEO is just one discipline of growth hacking. I know, it’s not as sexy as viral content or social ads. It’s a little like Seth Rogen in “Neighbors”, compared to Zac Efron.     But I think SEO provides solutions to some common problems in Growth Hacking...