Weekly Finds – Week 46, 2020

This week with the Coca-Cola thought experiment, a video about Google algorithm engineers, user-friendly exit popups, gradually changing your mind, and a content marketing report.

Nike’s explosive online growth

Nike is a great example of retail brands that use SEO to accelerate their business. In this case, I explain how Nike uses SEO to accelerate its online growth.

My thoughts on passage ranking

Google’s passage ranking could be a new paradigm shift in organic search – or not. In this post, I elaborate on what it could be and the hints Google gave us about it.

Weekly Finds – Week 42, 2020

This week with “boring niche” link building, making analytics successful in your company, good welcome emails, and the impact of loading the main content first.

Weekly Finds – Week 41, 2020

This week with shrinking keyword data in Google Ads, PAA boxes, the impact of shared hosting on rankings, the email comeback, and the impact of COVID on startups.