I'm joining G2 as VP SEO and Content!

I'm joining G2 as VP of SEO & Content!

After months of talking to lots of different companies and seeing what's out there, I finally made the choice I think is best for me.

I'm pumped to announce that I joined G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) as VP of SEO and Content. I will be responsible for three teams: SEO, Content, and Content Marketing.

To take it away upfront:

I’m hiring junior and senior technical SEOs, analysts, and Content Marketers in San Francisco and Chicago! Reach out to me!

In this post, I’m sharing insights on two points. First, my journey through a bit of an unusual approach of not going from job-to-job. Second, why I chose G2 and what I see in the company going forward.

Not Going from job-to-job

It was a pivotal moment in my career. I had decided to leave Atlassian after 3 successful years. But I didn't want to play the game in which you talk to other companies behind your current employer's back. It feels a bit like cheating. Instead, I finished all projects with a clean slate and put myself out there to see what would be possible for me. It was uncomfortable but one of the best decisions I ever made in my career.

I can only recommend this if you can afford to take a few months off. But if you can, do it!

Some of the benefits of this approach:

  • Companies will reach out to you (if you have a good record or personal brand).
  • Companies will talk to you about roles that are not even official, yet.
  • You can openly show and post that you’re available. Friends and other people can connect you without problems (and are often happy to do so).
  • You can take your time to make the right call.

After 5 years without interviews, I got a bit rusty. But the high volume of interviews that came in because I put myself out there allowed me to “get back into the flow”.

Landing the technical Marketing job you want

I learned a good bit about the application process in technical Marketing - from the other side. In recent years, I was always on the hiring manager side but never an applicant. Well, that changed in early 2019. So let me share a bit about what helped me.

A strong personal brand is worth so much. Applying for jobs is no different. Having a site/blog makes it really easy for people to evaluate and remember you. Podcasts and speakings should not be missed in that equation. Like a brand, your name becomes sticky. People might have even heard of you before.

A strong network gets you in touch with the right people and provides an opportunity to ask questions. That can be great when you want to get a sense for whether a company is right for you or when you are stuck with an assignment. And this is the most invisible power of a well-connected person: she/he comes with the brains of its network. You can use that in your job. Easy hire.

Doing your resume homework. Clean up and pimp your resume. If you’re really bad at layouting (like me), hire a specialist for resume design. Learn how to phrase a resume “In my role as [role], I did [project] and achieved [stunning result] by doing [strategy/tactic].” Don’t be shy to mention specific results and a brand you achieved them for. Hiring managers want to see that you have experience in what the role they’re hiring for. And, lastly, customize your resume to the role.

Conduct research. Know the company you’re applying at, including market, customers, and product. Check annual reports, Crunchbase, TechCrunch, etc. See if you’re connected to anyone at the company via Linkedin. Every insight, intro or referral helps.

Why I think G2 is the best place to work for me

Picking the right company is never easy. At least when you really care about your work. It’s a two-sided relationship: you want to thrive and be your best self but also get what you need and what you’re worth.

Three facts led me to go with G2:

The team: direct reports, peers, manager, and leadership are highly passionate, skilled, and provide the environment I can be my best self in. I’m lucky to be responsible for roughly 25 marketers and we’re growing. Again,

I’m hiring junior and senior technical SEOs, analysts, and Content Marketers in San Francisco and Chicago! Reach out to me!

Product and market: G2 is known as a software review site but it’s currently transitioning into something greater. There’s something cooking in Chicago. I can’t tell too much at this moment but the future of the product is exciting. At the same time, the market is attractive: buying software still means going straight to the vendor in lots of cases. There is a high need for objective evaluations and a guiding hand through the process, especially because people buy lots of software throughout their professional lives and requirements change, often rapidly. I’m planning to write a full article on that, soon. I think G2 has the potential to become a true aggregator with its power over demand.

The role: The idea of helping three organizations to thrive and become a coherent force to reckon with is intriguing. The SEO & Content team at G2 is huge. That bears high potential but also high pressure - just what I’m seeking.

My foci going forward

Focus really is the word of the hour. I will not be able to work in the same capacity with startups as I did in the last 3 months. Instead, I will focus on three things:

G2: surprise! Of course, my main focus will go into G2. The role is very demand and there is a lot to do.

German Accelerator: My involvement as a mentor for the German Accelerator will not change. I will still mentor startups within the GA. However, I will tone down my other involvements close to zero.

My site and Tech Bound: I will keep blogging on this site and send out Tech Bound every week. In fact, I’m working on a redesign because, let’s be real, this site needs a major facelift. Maybe some Botox.