Lessons from the best Solution pages in SaaS

Updated on September 16, 2020
8 min well spent

Product solution pages are the unsung heroes of SaaS SEO. They are easy to forget but, as I will show you in a moment, they can drive substantial traffic. I dug out some of the best examples and will explain what they do extraordinarily well so you can learn from it.

Solutions pages are often siblings of product landing pages (PLP) and split by industry, team, or function. Some companies call them features pages, use-cases, or something else. There’s no guideline around what to call it and people have their own definitions.

Solutions pages are supposed to make the application of a product clearer and more relatable. Showing how well a product is suited for a specific industry or team makes it more likely for their members to sign up for it. In the same way, showing a set of problems a product solves helps you see the value.

From an SEO perspective, they allow you to rank for generic keywords with landing pages. That’s very powerful because a product landing page can only rank for so many generic keywords and otherwise it would take a category or product page or blog article. But solution pages sit much closer to the main point of conversion.

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