My checklist for outstanding content

My checklist for great content

Most content never gets a single share

From: BuzzSumo Traffic Report 2018

50% of traffic comes from Google

From: data

Most pages on the web get 0 links and 0 traffic

From: Ahrefs study from 2018

Outstanding content is the type of content that gets lots of links and traffic. You know, the 10x content, great content type of stuff.

It’s important because only outstanding content is seen, heard, linked to, and receives traffic.

However, outstanding content is really hard to create. That's why it's outstanding! To increase my chances of creating really high-quality stuff, I use a checklist. This checklist is now yours, either as Google Doc or plain text version (below). I continuously update it, so make sure to stop by from time to time!

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Generic content



  • User intent (check first 10 results)


Thought Leadership


  • Compelling heading
  • Tool: Sharethrough
  • A strong hook to start with:
  • Expert statements
  • First-person narrations
  • Provocative questions
  • Quotes
  • Thought experiments
  • Observations
  • A beat by varying between long (hypotaxis) and short sentences (parataxis)
  • A story with an arch (“what’s your angle?”)
  • A point or an opinion
  • Unique images/visuals/graphs
  • Tools: Gliffy, Chartblocks, Flourish, Canva
  • An audio version of the article
  • Tool: Descript
  • Citations/sources


  • As short as possible, as long as necessary
  • Written by an expert or someone with unique information
  • Shareable