Speaking at Digital Summit Denver, CO

At this year’s Digital Summit in Denver, CO, I’ll give a presentation about the impact of machine learning on SEO. No, this is not the 1,000,000th introduction to machine learning ;-). Instead, the talk focuses on how exactly ML changes specific areas in SEO and how SEOs / companies can adapt to that change. Yes, I hate … Read more

The power of “story”

Even though I’m a technical marketer, I recently said “we have to think about what story we want to tell, first!” to the CEO and board members of a chain with more than 230 restaurants and 10,000 employees. I live and breathe numbers but instead of blasting statistics into the CEO and board members’ faces, I spoke about “story”!

Am I insane? Maybe! But the reason I did this is less my fuzzy brain. I could have created a catalog of technical marketing optimizations but it wouldn’t have had the same impact on the company. That’s because times have changed.

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Juno Chicago – Korean Omakase

Just the night when the Cubs played for the World Series*, my girlfriend took me to Juno in Chicago, IL. (*For my non-American readers, it’s about Baseball and a team that didn’t qualify for 108 years to make it to the “national finale”)

So what’s the deal with Juno?

Zagat calls it “one of the hottest Sushi restaurants across the US”.

Eater says it’s one of Chicago’s top 10 Sushi restaurant.

Business Insider calls it “The Most Pristine Raw Seafood in Chicago”.

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