Speaking at Digital Summit Denver, CO

At this year’s Digital Summit in Denver, CO, I’ll give a presentation about the impact of machine learning on SEO. No, this is not the 1,000,000th introduction to machine learning ;-). Instead, the talk focuses on how exactly ML changes specific areas in SEO and how SEOs / companies can adapt to that change. Yes, I hate … Read more

The power of “story”

Even though I’m a technical marketer, I recently said “we have to think about what story we want to tell, first!” to the CEO and board members of a chain with more than 230 restaurants and 10,000 employees. I live and breathe numbers but instead of blasting statistics into the CEO and board members’ faces, I spoke about “story”!

Am I insane? Maybe! But the reason I did this is less my fuzzy brain. I could have created a catalog of technical marketing optimizations but it wouldn’t have had the same impact on the company. That’s because times have changed.

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