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Joe Rogan’s brand value

Last week was full of interesting news and development. But one piece came out of nowhere and caught the media landscape off guard: The Verge: Joe Rogan, comedian and host

Impact analysis of Google’s May core update

“Don’t chase the algo” is a popular SEO response to anyone who dares to post about the update on Twitter. “If you have to make changes after you’ve been impacted,

Who wins the social video war?

In September 2019, Google announced to show more key moments in videos. Starting today you can find key moments within videos and get to the information you’re looking for faster, with

Marketing lessons from the Great Recession

This is the second part (part 1) of an article series about Marketing lessons from previous recessions. Even though every economic crisis is different, we can learn some things from

The most successful startup in history

I think it’s fair to say Google is the most successful startup in history. No other company is able to grow at a continuous +20% YoY revenue. Google went public

How to build a brand

Having a strong brand is important for many success factors of a business, but how do you actually build a brand?
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