Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m Kevin,  Mentor for Growth @ German Accelerator. On this site, I write about the intersection of SEO and Growth and some other stuff. I also send out a weekly Email to over 1,000 technicals Marketers from the most successful companies.

How to do SEO in 2016

The main problem I want to write about here is that SEO has become so complex and individualized that many say “nothing works anymore” or “SEO is dead”. I really don’t want to join the “SEO is dead” conversation here, but...

Processes for good in-house SEO

[this post originally appeared on my Medium profile] Over the past years, I’ve worked for numerous SEO agencies and consultancies. I was always on the consulting side of the business, helping out all types of companies: from big name startups to F500 enterprises. In...

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