Podcast appearance on MozPod and SearchTalkLive

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Hey friends,

I’m finishing the year with two more podcast appearances: 

MozPod – SEO for Startups

On MozPod I talked with Brian Childs about startup SEO. We went deep on minimum viable SEO, the biggest SEO mistakes startups make and best practices from AirBNB, UBER, lyft, Zendesk, Atlassian, and more!

The episode was wildly successful. To quote Brian: “I assume you’re the kind of guy who likes to break records … the SEO for Startups MozPod episode just passed the highest download count we had for first-day downloads.”

SearchTalkLive – How Companies Without Sales-Teams Structure Product & Marketing

Listen to “Interview with Kevin Indig on How Companies Without Sales-Teams Structure Product & Marketing” on Spreaker.

On SearchTalkLive I talked with Robert O’Haver about Land & Expand, a B2B business model I blogged extensively about.

It’s different from the traditional B2B top-down approach, which involves many salespeople who try to sell to the c-suite. Instead, Land & Expand is a bottom-up approach, which starts with a single person and then expands to the team, department and finally company. Examples of companies who follow that approach are Atlassian, Slack, Basecamp, and many more. 


Thanks to Moz and SearchTalkLive for having me on. I’ve got a funny feeling that this is not the last time I’ll be on those two podcasts ;-).


Stay tuned,