Podcast appearance: “How to win at in-house SEO”

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I had the honor to be on Episode #83 of the “Experts on the Wire” podcast with Dan Shure ??.

083: How To Win At In House, Large Scale SEO w/Kevin Indig of Atlassian


Dan and I had a great vibe and ended up speaking about only one of the three topics we wanted to tackle, which was enterprise SEO for Atlassian and for large sites.


We spoke about me growing up, the SEO mindset, behind-the-scenes at Atlassian, my work at Dailymotion, analyzing log-files… a ton ?! Some of it is also in the article I wrote in my SEMrush column, How to overcome the biggest obstacles as in-house SEO“. 


The topics we couldn’t speak about were startup SEO and machine learning and SEO, both of which I’ve spoken at conferences and written articles about. But we’ll record a second episode, in which those will be covered. 


Thank you so much, Dan. To the next one!