Speaking at Digital Summit Denver, CO

1 min read

At this year’s Digital Summit in Denver, CO, I’ll give a presentation about the impact of machine learning on SEO.

No, this is not the 1,000,000th introduction to machine learning ;-). Instead, the talk focuses on how exactly ML changes specific areas in SEO and how SEOs / companies can adapt to that change. Yes, I hate theoretical presentations, too. That’s why I’ll show lots of real life examples, data from studies, tactics, and tools.

More specifically, I’ll show how ranking factors are differing from industry to industry more and more, how quality is measured differently and the requirements these developments impose on content and technical SEO.

If you’re in Denver, come around or let’s meet for dinner! Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to record or stream the presentation. But there’s supposed to be an audio version of it, which I’ll share here of course!