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October 26, 2020
platform confluence, amazon, apple, facebook, google

When Platform Confluence becomes anti-competitive

An update to my concept of Platform Confluence and how it can lead to anti-competitive behavior.

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June 22, 2020
amazon, facebook, google, platform confluence

Platform Confluence

Aggregation theory describes the shift of power from supply to demand, growth based on zero marginal cost, and direct relationships with users. Platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others were able to become aggregators because of the internet. The next step in the evolution of aggregators is Platform Confluence: the combination of several apps and […]

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May 25, 2020
affiliate, amazon, google, Google's transformation

Comparison snippets – bad news for affiliates and Amazon

I recently set out to buy a webcam, as most of us are going to work from home in the foreseeable future. In the fashion of the classic user journey, I started with a query like “best webcam”, checked a few sites, and narrowed my set of suitable products down to 2-3. When I looked […]

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