My thoughts on passage ranking

Google’s passage ranking could be a new paradigm shift in organic search – or not. In this post, I elaborate on what it could be and the hints Google gave us about it.

The impact of GPT-3 on Google Search, a complex-adaptive system

In this article, I explain what could happen if GPT-3 allowed us to automate content creation. A thought experiment allows us to understand the connection to the idea of query-specific ranking signals and complex-adaptive systems: “what if we knew all Search ranking signals?”

The end of crawling and the beginning of API indexing

Google became the most successful startup in history by crawling the web, building an index of web pages, and ranking them based on popularity. Now I see signs for a potential paradigm shift from crawling to indexing APIs. In the future, search engines might not come out to get content. Webmasters might bring it to them.