The 225 best Growth articles (handpicked)

Grab your list of 225 curated articles about any topic in Growth: Acquisition, Retention, Engagement, SEO, PPC, Social Media, copywriting, and more!

At the end of every year, I take some time to reflect. One part of that is evaluating my predictions from last year and making new ones for next year. The other part is looking at all the content I curated over the last 12 months and attached to Tech Bound and now Growth Memo, which you find below.

I use Airtable to curate content for the newsletter. Below, you find the whole table with all 225 articles for 2020. Feel free to make a copy or just skim through. Each article has a comment from me - usually what I found most valuable - and a category. You can sort the table to find what most helps you right now or what you're curious about.

One thing 2020 taught me is that just reading the latest stuff is not enough to advance. Looking back at when I made the biggest steps, I always deeply immersed myself in a topic, whether it was PageRank, content quality, or leading and managing teams. So, I decided to change the format from Tech Bound to Growth Memo, from an article + a list of the latest content to an article + a list of related content.

I have a very high bar for content I read. Time is scarce. But it's important to keep reading and understanding SEO and Growth. Both disciplines a) constantly change, b) have a very high degree of uncertainty, and c), progress from people sharing their findings. So, if you don't set time aside for learning, you risk falling behind. And good learning is the result of reading broad and deep.

So, read on, and I'm looking forward to share another list with you in a year.