Tech Bound

A weekly email with curated content around user-acquisition, retention, and monetization a.k.a “Growth”.

Guest editors
Kevan Lee (Buffer) – Episode
Martjin Scheijbeler (Postmates) – Episode
Jimmy Daly (animalz) – Episode
Dani Hart (GrowthHackers) – Episode
Tim Soulo (AHREFs) – Episode
David Fallarme (Hubspot) – Episode
Brian Peters (Buffer) – Episode
Brendan Baker (Eventbrite) – Episode

What others are saying:

If you want to level up your SEO (or general growth marketing knowledge), Tech Bound is a must-have in your inbox. Kevin provides actionable advice and curated articles on a weekly basis.  He even takes the time to personally respond to your burning questions. The knowledge I’ve gained in a short time is worth a fortune.

Tom Donohoe

Who is it for?

Everybody who’s involved in Growth at startups.


What does it solve?

Information overload and overwhelm.


Why is it better?

No fluff, high standards, the brightest guests

Why does Tech Bound exist?

The internet is clogged with bad content like a toilet. At the same time, it’s our main source of information to do our job well.

The problem Tech Bound solves is digging through tons of bad content to find a few gems from which we can really learn something.

I curate the best content and send it to you once a week. My standards are high, so be assured that you’re not missing anything.

But Tech Bound is not just a list of articles. They are connected and explained – put into context.

Once a month I invite a guest author who creates exclusive content for Tech Bound. Every episode comes with a case study of Growth best practices and Q&A.